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Are you going through a lot of expensive tyres?

This may be down to your cars wheel alignment. Poor alignment causes unnecessary / uneven wear to your tyres requiring more replacements

Didcot Auto Centre can perform wheel balancing after the fitting of new tyres, puncture repairs or to restore an out of balance tyre. Tyres can wear in uneven shapes and Didcot Auto Centre can advise you if the tyre is still serviceable or needs to be changed

Run Flat Tyres and Puncture Repairs

Didcot Auto Centre can supply and fit Run Flat tyres but these are not usually repairable after a puncture.

Didcot Auto Centre can repair punctures including re-seating the tyre on the rim, replacing the valve and valve stem, and applying a 'pull through' repair. Not all punctures can be repaired – we will fix any that are on the main tread, but it is illegal to repair a puncture in the tyre sidewall and tyre shoulder, as this is the part of the tyre that works hardest in cornering, so it is unsafe to risk a tyre blow out cause by a repair.

Recommended Tyre fitting garage

We are Premier Garage for Black Circles. You can select from thousands of tyres online, order them and come in to us get them fitted properly, saving you pounds and a lot of hassle:

Wheels & Tyres

Didcot Auto have range of tyres

Our Tyre range

A wide selection to choose from

We will advise you on the best tyres for your car and your driving style. From performance to weather we can select from a huge range of the leading brands. By taking care to balance and fit them properly we can provide a longer lasting performance to your tyres.

BMW stuck in snow without snow tyres

Winter Tyres

Stay safe in winter conditions

Have you considered winter tyres? Some makes such as BMW and Mercedes benefit considerably from the softer compounds and wider grooves to avoid getting stuck in snow or provide better grip in dry cold conditions.

Fast Fitting

Tyres, balancing and alignment in minutes

We know that some people like to buy their tyres online and then want them fitted. We're happy to fit your tyres wherever you got them. We also fit tyres for Black Circles, My Tyres and Tesco Tyres. Ring us for the best price to suit your pocket or specification to meet you needs

Wheel balancing

Specialist fitting for VW and Peugeots

As well as balancing and traditional two wheel alignment, DAC have the specialist equipment to balance wheels for Peugeots which do not have a central spigot hole and also for VW Beetle with large diameter studs.

Precision setups

Laser alignment for perfect results

For those individuals who really want the best performance out of their tyres and car handling then we are able to provide a full laser wheel alignment service which will make sure you are tracking correctly and getting the best out of your cars handling. FIND OUT MORE HERE


"Very quick, professional job carried out (even if I was late."


"Friendly service coupled with speedy fitting"