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It's complex under the bonnet

Taking the time to do a proper job

We will clean your engine with a flush to clean out harmful combustion products and will add a fuel treatment to clean the fuel system and injectors.

Complex engine needing service

We will reset the service indicator and stamp the paper service record, so please leave this out for us to fill in. We will wash and vacuum your car as part of the service. We can replace cambelts and dual mass flywheels . Cambelts should be replaced at regular intervals specified by the manufacturer to avoid engine damage. Some of our checklist items are:

  • Fluid levels and quality
  • Worn parts and damage
  • Brake and Tyre ware
  • Exhaust and suspension systems
  • System warnings
  • Download full checklist here

as serviced by Didcot Auto Centre

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Vehicle servicing

Not all services are the same.

We take the time to do it right.

We allow 2.5 hours for a full service and 1 hour for an oil service so that we don't cut corners. Some internet offers may appear cheaper but sometimes they only allow 1.3 hours for a full service. This means they can miss potential faults which will cost you more down the road.

Benefits to you.

More peace of mind

The benefits of our service quality are more reliability, better economy and avoiding expensive failures. By taking our time we spot potential issues well before they become problems. How much do you rely on your car to take short cuts with its reliability?

Safety checks

Avoid accidents and danger

Cars have complex systems which keep you safe. Brakes that stop, exhaust systems that make sure dangerous gases don't build up in your cabin and many others . We check these vital systems to make sure they are performing at the highest levels so you have one less thing to worry about.

NEW Addblue service

We can refill your Addblue

Some new diesel cars now come with an extra filler for Addblue. This fluid reduces emmissions and makes the car cleaner. You will use about 5 liters of AdBlue to every 100 liters of diesel and some car models will just stop you driving without it so it is important to get us to refill the tank if you don't want to.

Electric & Hybrid servces

We can service these vehicles

Unlike some other garages we don't think these vehicles are powered by magic. We actually offer a EV as a courtsey car, as well as being involved in the development of a concept EV vehicle. We can provide a full service for all aspects of these EV's.

Didcot Auto Courtesy car

Keeping you informed

Each service uses a check-sheet (download)

Each service uses a check-sheet which we mark off and then give you a copy. We will quote you exactly for a service as different oils, oil volumes and parts vary so much. Please specify if you want manufacturer parts as these generally cost more. We also provide a free ready to go courtesy car


" I had my vehicle in for a routine service a few weeks back the customer service was outstanding and the quality of work carried out on the vehicle was top quality. When i arrived to collect my vehicle i was shocked and pleased as they had washed and hoovered the vehicle for me this little extra touch goes a long way and will now see me return to Didcot Auto Centre all round brilliant service. "

Johanna Mockford