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Find out by how much performance will increase on your vehicle

Developed with over 20 years of hands-on experience, Viezu car tuning, ECU remapping and chip tuning products and services have been tested on real vehicles in real life conditions.

Our guarantees

Each remap is reversible and if you are not happy we can return it to standard and refund your money.

The remaps are backed by a special insurance policy to cover any issues.

Economy Tuning

Economy tuning available from Dicot Auto Centre.

Blue Optimize engine tuning from Viezu Technologies allows you to increase your cars efficiency by 20%, meaning you can save dramatically on the costs of running your vehicle.

At Didcot Auto Centre we are a dealer for Viezu Technologies and we can carry out your vehicles engine remap in house. Whether you're after all out economy, power or a bit of both, alongside Viezu we can make a remap to suit your requirements.

Watch this short clip to show the increase in performance made to the  vehicles featured:


Once you've had your vehicle tuned and if you feel unsatisfied with the results we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

For any enquiries please contact us....