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Experienced Technicians

All our technicians are very experienced in the Motor Industry, which means you get the very best in knowledge and skills being used to fix your problems.

Repair Warranty

In October 2003 European legislation affecting the motor trade came into force - its full title is Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 (BER for short).

The legislation now changes the way cars may be serviced, it gives the motorist a lot more freedom in deciding who should look after their vehicle. We can now offer you that freedom by:

  • Servicing your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule
  • Fitting original parts or parts of matching quality
  • Offering high standards of workmanship with significant savings compared to a franchised dealer
  • Retaining a full service history to your vehicle for resale
  • Preserving your manufacturer's warranty

In short, any work carried out by Didcot Autocentre will not invalidate your manufacturer's warranty AND will provide you with significant savings compared to a main dealer..

Didcot Auto Centre covers the surrounding areas including Covering Didcot, Wantage, Wallingford and Abingdon, delivering great garage services.

Clutch replacement

Does my clutch need changing?

You will know that your clutch is not operating correctly if it is difficult to engage gears both when stationary and on the move with the clutch pedal depressed, or when you release the clutch pedal, drive is not taken up evenly, or there is no drive at all.

The clutch provides the slip between the engine and the gearbox to allow you to start and change gear but it is a wear part and different driving styles or towing and heavily laden vehicles can also affect how long a clutch lasts. The clutch is a large disc on the engine flywheel and is made up of two parts, a pressure plate to clamp the clutch and a driven plate to transmit the power through the clutch, but it also needs a clutch actuation system to turn the pedal movement into movement of the clutch. This can be using a hydraulic or a cable system. Sometimes clutch faults occur in these systems, not the clutch itself.

How do you change a clutch?

Because the clutch is such a strategic part of the vehicle driveline, it tends to be buried deep in the cars mechanicals. On most cars, it is necessary to remove the gearbox. Removing a clutch is one of those jobs where many other parts have to be taken off to get to the clutch. Driveshafts or the propshaft need to be removed, the clutch connections, the gearchange mechanism and the engine or transmission mounts. This all takes time and has to be put back afterwards in the correct order.

The clutch pack itself bolts directly to the flywheel of the engine but needs to be lined up carefully before the new clutch is bolted in place otherwise the shaft from the gearbox taking the drive will not fit in the clutch.

Some cars with hydraulic clutch actuation systems have the slave cylinder that operates the clutch right inside the clutch area of the gearbox. These can leak over time as they work in a hot and dirty environment, so we recommend changing these concentric clutch slave cylinders at the same time as changing the clutch. Cable systems have a clutch release bearing and we would recommend changing this at the same time as the clutch.

We can diagnose if you have a clutch problem for you and given replacing a clutch can be a big expense, we will always provide you with an accurate clutch quote for the work, as the clutch replacement cost varies considerably from car to car.

Other Repair Services

Here are just a few of our repair services:

Exhaust Systems

Repairs and replacements to all types of exhaust systems.

Accident repair

We can often fix your car for much less than other bigger names.

Courtesy Car

We can provide a courtesy car to keep you moving.