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Stop Are yourBrakes safe?

Brakes are something you don't want to fail!

Brake fluid absorbs water naturally from atmospheric moisture. Over time, the water contaminates the brake fluid by lowering its boiling point. Water boils at 100°C, vapourising into steam which - unlike liquid - is compressible.

The result is so-called 'soft pedal', the symptom of reduced hydraulic pressure: braking effect is diminished or lost completely when the brake pedal is applied. When the steam cools however, it condenses back into a liquid state, seeming to restore normal braking function - until the (heating through braking) process is repeated, when the symptoms re-occur. Given its characteristics of sudden brake failure, this condition has been labelled 'the silent killer'

  • Brake fluid levels
  • Brake fluid quality
  • Brake disc wear
  • Pads
  • Calipers
  • Brake mountings

Experienced Technicians

All our technicians are very experienced in the Motor Industry, which means you get the very best in knowledge and skills being used to fix your problems.


Brake Pads & Discs

We can replace to suit you

Our inspection will tell you if you need to replace pads, discs or both. We will find the best quality and priced parts and fit them professionally. This will provide the safe braking you need and could mean longer periods between replacements. We have experienced brake technicians who can work quickly and precisely to replace worn out brakes.

Good brakes are vital

Safe stopping distances need them

Stopping or slowing your car is something we all take for granted, but you would be horrified to know just how many cars are unable to stop within a safe distance. With the weather and road conditions often leading to brake fault accidents, wouldn't you like to know you can stop safely.

Brake Fluid

Replaced every two years

Brake fluids are special types of oils which have been developed to transfer your brake pedal movement into the braking action itself. Brake fluids can become inefficient due to moisture from the atmosphere diluting their performance over a couple of years. We can check and replace them for you.

Brake system check

There are many parts to stopping

There is much more to braking than the standard garage may lead you to believe. The typical modern car has numerous systems which our team will check and advise you on.


"I have consistantly found their service to be exemplary. Yet again today they proved themselves to be reliable, honest and fairly priced."

Alan Briggs

"Really friendly team, always do a great job! wouldn't go anywhere else"

Emma W