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Stay Cool on the road

Its quite normal for your AC to reduce in efficency as time goes on.

The AC system in a car can very complex, with pressurised elements which can become less effective over time.

We can fully service your AC system so that you can once again stay cool in the hottest of days in the Summer. The process does not take long and can be done while you wait.

  • System re pressurised
  • Fluid top up or change
  • Pumps serviced or replaced
  • 15 - 30 mins

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Air Conditioning

AC not really working

Enjoy a comfortable driving experience

Unchecked air conditioning that is working below-par can lead to added burdens on fuel consumption and an increase in wear on your engine. Most major manufacturers recommend that you service your car at least once every two years to ensure the best returns.

Affordable AC maintenance

Our full air-conditioning service just £45.00

We deliver a comprehensive system of checks including: Recovering refrigerant from system, checking the condition of the condenser unit,pressure testing the system, inspecting the condition of hoses and harnesses then recharging/regasing with refrigerants and oil, compressor oil level.

New vehicles, New AC gas

Better for the environment.

The change effects vehicles type approved after January 2011 and any vehicle manufactured after 1st January 2017. Vehicles with the new gas feature different connection types and we have the new equipment capable of recharging these systems. HFO-1234yf

Keep your cool

It's too easy to let the heat get to you.

A hot car is not a easy place to keep calm in when you driving in the summer. We will replace the gases that make sure you have a cleaner and fresher car that is more enjoyable for all passengers.


"I've been using DAC for several years and, like the vast majority of the recent reviewers, I have always found them to be friendly, honest and reliable."

Alan Browse

"I had my vehicle in for a routine service a few weeks back the customer service was outstanding and the quality of work carried out on the vehicle was top quality. When i arrived to collect my vehicle i was shocked and pleased as they had washed and hoovered the vehicle for me this little extra touch goes a long way and will now see me return to Didcot Auto Centre all round brilliant service."

Johanna Mockford